An Argument and only COPS Wearing Personal Cameras on the Uniforms

Cameramen in the Making

Often we rely after police officers for advice about an array issues. It could be anything from a straightforward fender bender to a rock smashing in through our window. Law enforcement officers are plentiful and always there to aid in anything that may go wrong. In lots of cities, police officers are attempting to wear personal cameras on the uniform to film the procedure of their daily stops and various other duties. Many people find this as an invasion of personal privacy. However, in my view police officers wearing cameras will be very effective and offer some extra security against fake accusations, lower altercations within their work, and decrease the frequency of the situations that occurred in Missouri, NY, and Charleston.

Police officers are there to supply us with security, safe practices, and direction. With that big of a name and responsibility right now there is area for error. Police officers in lots of cities have a terrible reputation because of police brutality. If cops were to don these personal cameras a large amount of incidents of brutality could possibly be accurately determined. A study carried out by the University of South Florida figured the use of power incidents dropped where officers where wearing cameras. The university studied 46 diverse officers from the Orlando Police Department who chose to