An Research of the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, the 7th American President, Elected in 1828

In the Presidential election of 1828, as the masses had predicted, Andrew Jackson the peoples hero was handily elected as the 7th President of the United States. Through the entire 19th century, Jackson was surely one of many most popular Presidents since George Washington rose into power as the initial President. His quick head, shrewdness and toughness in political affairs led to many changes for the federal government. Not simply did he reform the federal government policies over general public officials, American Indians and the marketplace economy, but he also stimulated the growth of two-party program in American politics the Democratic Party and the Whigs.

During the first couple of years of his presidency, Jackson built group of reforms which had substantially altered the federal government powers and general public officials. One significant insurance policy he executed was the spoils program. Through the spoils system, general public officials will be removed or downgraded if their performance had been poor or problematic; therefore, no more are there any life-period appointments privileges to these officials. The full total number of removals in this long period had most likely been less than a hundred, and almost all these had been once and for all cause, such as for example misbehavior or incompetency. (Background of Countries, U.S. vol. I p.483). Although this technique could grow to be seriously abusive, Jackson exercised strict guidelines in a way that innocent officials would not be taken off by fault. Spoil program made officers alert to their rights to carry public posts, that have been good for the persons because these officers would provide them better as a way to continue their carrier as a pub!

lic officer, while people that have unsatisfactory performances will be expelled and replaced by