An Launch and an Examination of the Surge of Teenage Gambling

A Response to “The Go up of Teenage Gambling”

Ricard Chavira has written a fairly shocking story about the rise in

teenage gambling across the USA. Personally, I do not need a

problem with gambling and I really do not find out any close peers which may have a serious

problem with it either. I guess this is exactly why this tale appeared so appalling to


Mr. Chavira says that just a decade ago gambling amidst teenagers

barely registered on the roster of public ills in comparison to now, where seven

percent of gambling counselors’ caseloads are including teens. I understand that

gambling isn't the biggest problem that the common teenager encounters but I

do believe that something ought to be done to create our countries up and

coming generations alert to what gambling is focused on.

“The bookies threatened me. One stated that he'd cut off my

mother’s legs easily didn’t pay.” This is exactly what Greg from Philadelphia stated in

this story. I believe that teenager’s ought to be more alert to the risks and