An Intro to the Essay on this issue of Life's Too Short

Life's Too Short

Often times when the normal mother or father or upstanding citizen turns on the TV

and sees a black man rapping about the hood they usually are turned off.

Stereotypes come in to perform and the channel is definitely switched without actually considering

what message that human being is wanting to convey.

When hearing rapper Too Brief and his tune "Gettin it", you below a

lot of stereotypes being defied. The music is about getting away from the hood and

making an excellent life for yourself. The majority of society just assumes these young

black rappers have no brain's no sense of purpose forever. Too Short's

song "Gettin it" tells a numerous story. Also Short's successes portray

the dream that kids have developing up in the hood. Those children dream of getting

rich at a age and living just like a true "player" for the others of their

day's. They would like to drive round in a benz' and also have girls fill the whole