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Pre-Feasibility Study


(7500 Birds)

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January, 2006

Pre-Feasibility Analyze

Broiler Farm (7500 Birds)


The purpose and opportunity of this info memorandum should be to introduce the subject matter and supply a general thought and information on the stated area. Every one of the material included in this document is based on data/information obtained from various sources and it is based on certain assumptions. Although, due attention and diligence has been taken to compile this document, the contained data may vary because of any difference in any of the worried factors, and the actual outcomes may differ significantly from the offered information. SMEDA does not believe any the liability for any economic or additional loss resulting from this memorando in consequence of undertaking this activity. Consequently , the content on this memorandum should not be relied upon for making any decision, investment or. The possible user with this memorandum is inspired to carry out his/her own homework and gather any information he/she considers necessary for making an educated decision. The information of the info memorandum would not bind SMEDA in any legal or other form.


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Pre-Feasibility Study


Broiler Farm (7500 Birds)


1 . 1

Job Brief

The broiler farmville farm is a job of animals sector, in which, the day aged chicks (DOCs) are raised on substantial protein give food to for a length of six weeks. This business may be started in rural and semi-urban areas in storage sheds. The Chicken sheds can be had on local rental basis. These kinds of sheds have all the required facilities for the broiler farm building. The lease cost varies between Rs 1 to Rs a couple of per square feet depending upon the positioning and facilities at the farmville farm.

The broiler birds can be purchased to traders and the complete sellers market segments in the urban areas. Some occasions birds can even be sold straight to the shopkeepers in the metropolitan markets. Broiler farming is actually a profitable venture depending on the require of the various meats in the market. Every year, six flocks of chickens will be brought up on the same property of a plantation. 1 . a couple of

Opportunity Rationale

Broiler meat is the cheapest source of animal protein accessible in the country. The time required for bringing up broiler chickens is reduced than that for big pets. The consumption of white-colored meat can be increasing as a result of growing overall health consciousness inside the masses.

Based on the Agriculture Stats of Pakistan the per capita intake of fowl meat is definitely increasing for a price of 4% per annum.

The existing daily accessibility to protein volume per household in Pakistan deriving from animal supply including gound beef, mutton, chicken and seafood combined quantities to eleven grams. This can be far less than the recommended daily dietary protein allowance from animal supply of 26 grms according to the Globe Health Organization standards. Physique 1-1: Daily Protein Consumption1

Recommended Daily Dietary Healthy proteins Allowance Vs ...


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