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2Child 8King-lear 2Consumer 4Effect 2Balance-sheet 3Customers 6Broadcasting 2Poem 4Christian 3Beef 2Society 3Women 92012 17Point 2Social 8Consumers 4Claims 2College 3Very good 2Field 4Theatre 2Know 2Quantity 2Natural 2Political 4Responsibility 2Comes 2Hitler 2Tesco 3Discovered 3Ideal 2Chinese 3Challenge 3Material 3Parents 3Interpersonal-relationship 2Legal 4Colonel 2Cause 4Physical 4Types 2The african continent 2Labour 2Aware 2Arbitration 2Distinct 3Discussion 2Firms 2Category 2They will 4Value 6Prof 2Volume 3Talk about 3Health care 2Energy 3Chicago 2Olympics 2Communication 5Assignment 2These people 2Details 2The-scarlet-letter 3Years 3Analysis 9Attention 4Movie 2Always 6Supply-and-demand 2Simply 5Process 2Entertainment 2Developing 3Theory 5Strategic-management 4Patient 3Line 2Hospital 2Presently there 3British-empire 4Romeo 2Financial 5Nathaniel-hawthorne 3Britain 4Costs 10Became 2Happiness 2Going 2Poetry 2Boys 2States 3Best 4Influence 2Very 5Home-based 2Barriers 2Argument 2Audience 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