Imperialism Essay






overdue 15th 100 years – 1815

1870s – 1914





Great britain


in Africa:








in Asia:




Colonised, explores areas


Africa (only trading posts)

Australia, India

The african continent

(trading articles at first, groupe later)


Motives of Europeans

new trading routs

new assets of rare metal & sterling silver

raw materials

to discover a new rout to India (wish to evade taxation by Turks) to spread Christianity

Australia, Italy had been just combined – wished bigger prestige

Europeans did not want a main war inside Europe – " foreign trade of tension” to save their capitals – invested cash oversees

low-cost work force readily available there

to look for markets for goods

no trading assemblage (no regulations on operating hours and conditions; workers/natives couldn't revolt) to civilise natives – e. g. medical care

to manage over raw material options (only The japanese didn't have raw cushion. ) countries needed coaling stations to get ships

overpopulation – needed new lands; young knowledgeable people could get job missionary motive – to pass on Christianity

Results on local people

diseases, death

population mixture (Africans were brought in)


their very own population dropped (90% died)

converted to Christianity

some education, schools (but didn't learn about their own culture) jobs had been created

medical improved

cleanliness, sewage system

roads, railways were constructed

clean drinking water was even more available

in Asia nationalism spread

misplaced independence, managed by foreign people ⇨ no say inside their own authorities exploited financially – extended working several hours, low pay

they viewed down and thought to be stupid

African tribal territories weren't considered – countries had mixed tribes ⇨ clashes all of Africa became groupe (except intended for Abyssinia and Liberia) Results on colonisers

new plants

new disorders

gold & silver → rich The european countries

– The country of spain & Italy didn't invest the money, thus later they will declined – English & French & Dutch used money → capitalism, industries gap between Western and Eastern Europe increased

(at first food exports had been profitable; definately not trading organisations, feudal serfdom became worse) some entrepreneurs made income

contributed to national prestige – " Interpersonal Darwinism”: when a country provides colonies that is a sign to be vital and fit

had to invest money

had to spend money on administrators

conflicts between European countries (fight to gain colonies) – " scramble pertaining to Africa” (1880s) might get diseases e. g. malaria

Form of colonisation


Protectorate, Donation, Sphere of influence


tribes had been underdeveloped – couldn't deal with the imperialists Boer Wars 1880-1; 1899-1902

in South Africa – Transvaal and Lemon Free State (Boer says, today part of Republic of South Africa) Boers: Dutch settlers

between Boers & GB

Boers get surrounded by the English language gradually

Jameson raid – Britain tried to raid the territory

battled for territories which were rich in gold

Krueger-telegram: German Kaiser who congratulated the Boers for busting the United kingdom ⇨ they thought Australia would help eventually GIGABYTE won – because stored the Boers in attentiveness camps Boers signed the Peace of Vereeniging in 1902

on those grounds GB dropped prestige in Europe ⇨ decided to suspend the solitude, had not any ally Fashoda Crisis 1898

in the Sudan

about who would control the Upper Nile (Sudan)

between Italy & GIGABITE

the terrain was customarily controlled by Egypt – ruled by Turkish sultan GB chose to take over Egypt

France dispatched an army and wanted to gain the Sudan

solution: France admitted eliminate (withdrew), GIGABITE got the Sudan – settled the conflict diplomatically and quietly ASIA



in language

in religion

socially – peuple system


British East India Firm – trade

no armed service – could not defeat the English

the English used the disunity of India



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