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Positioning the Infiniti G20

By Whilst gary L. Lilien & Arvind Rangaswamy

Introducing the G20

In The spring 1990, Nissan's Infiniti department planned to introduce the G20 in america, adding a third model towards the existing Infiniti line. The G20 had been available in The european countries and The japanese under the name Primera. The car, furnished with a 4cyl engine producing 140 horsepower, would be Infiniti's entry-level extravagance car. Preliminary market respond to the G20 in the United States was disappointing, and management considered how it might retarget or perhaps reposition the car to improve their market functionality.


In 1989, 3 years after Honda first released its Acura line, Toyota and Nissan attacked the U. T. luxury car market, a segment previously dominated by simply American and German producers.

In The fall of 1989, Nissan launched the new luxurious Infiniti split with the $40, 000 Q45 as its business lead car and the $20, 000 M30. However , Nissan was somewhat late: in August 1989, three months ahead of Nissan transported its initially Infiniti, Toyota had introduced Lexus, the luxury company, with a two-car line composed of the $40, 000 LS400 and the basic LS250.

Since the characters for January to Sept 1990 confirmed, Lexus outsold Infiniti simply by 50, 500 to 15, 1000. The reasons intended for Infiniti's sluggish start were threefold: •

First, the Infiniti Q45 came to industry after the Lexus LS400 got established a fantastic market placement.

Second, Lexus experienced two extremely good automobiles, whereas Infiniti's M30 sports coupe received poor evaluations through the automobile press and by customers.

Finally, the eccentric Infiniti advertising campaign that showed views of nature, but not the vehicle itself, shared some of the pin the consequence on. (" Infiniti may not be doing this well, however hey, by least sales of dirt and woods are skyrocketing, ” mentioned comedian Jay Leno. )

Research Info

Exhibits 1–4 summarize some of the data that Infiniti had in early 1990. Data in Exhibits 1 and a couple of are based on a survey of customers from its focus on segments, referred to as people among 25 and 35 with annual household incomes among $50, 1000 and $22.99, 000 (when the review was given, Copyright © 2007 by DecisionPro, Incorporation. To order copies or request authorization to replicate materials, go to No part of this kind of publication could possibly be reproduced, trapped in a retrieval system, used in a schedule, or sent in any contact form or by any means – electric, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise – without the permission of DecisionPro, Inc.

the Lexus LS250 has not been yet well-known to the participants to be contained in the study). The three subsegments in Exhibit one particular (denoted S1, S2 and S3) derive from information offered by Infiniti managers. Exhibit 3 is derived from sales brochures explaining the characteristics of every car.

Display 4

summarizes demographic and psychographic advice about the three subsegments and was compiled by databases given by Claritas, Incorporation.




1 .

Describe both (or, in the event applicable, three) dimensions underlying the perceptual maps that you generated. Based upon these roadmaps, how do persons in this marketplace perceive the Infiniti G20 compared with their competitors?

2 .

Infiniti marketed the G20 as a Japan-made automobile (basic type $17, 500) with a The german language feel, fundamentally a car that was like the BMW 318i ($20, 000), but lower priced. Is this a reputable claim, provided the awareness and personal preferences of the participants?


Which in turn attributes are most important in influencing inclination for these autos in the 3 segments (S1, S2 and S3) proven on these kinds of maps? That segment(s) will you market the Infiniti G20? How might you reposition the Infiniti G20 to best suit the selected segment(s)? Briefly describe the marketing program you will use to goal the chosen segment(s).


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