Essay in Michaelporter’s Business presentation in Vietnam

Vietnam's Competition and the Position of the Personal Sector

Teacher Michael Elizabeth. Porter Harvard Business University Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam December one particular, 2008 This presentation showcases ideas by Professor Porter's books and articles, especially, Competitive Strategy (The Cost-free Press, 1980); Competitive Advantage (The Cost-free Press, 1985); " Precisely what is Strategy? ” (Harvard Business Review, Nov/Dec 1996); " Strategy as well as the Internet” (Harvard Business Assessment, March 2001); and a forthcoming book. No element of this distribution may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval program, or sent in any kind or simply by any means—electronic, mechanical, copying, recording, or perhaps otherwise—without the permission of Michael Electronic. Porter. Details may be available at the website of the Institute intended for Strategy and Competitiveness, Version: November 18, 2008, 3pm 20081201 – TEMPO strategy. ppt


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The Need For A fiscal Strategy

• Vietnam has experienced an impressive growth over the last two decades • However , reconstructs so far happen to be insufficient to move Vietnam into a middle profits economy • The next a few years will determine whether Vietnam will follow the expertise of Korea, or perhaps the Philippines • Vietnam's change have been piecemeal and reactive • Enhancing Vietnam's lifestyle will require a long economic technique – A set of interrelated coverage changes, institutional structures, and rigorous execution mechanisms

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• Understanding Vietnam's Financial Performance

• Assessing Vietnamese Competitiveness

• Identifying Action Priorities

• Organizing pertaining to Competitiveness

• Creating an Economic Strategy

• Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility

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a few

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Prosperity Performance

PPP-adjusted GDP every Capita, 2007

Selected Countries


$45, 000 $40, 000 35 dollars, 000 $30, 000 $25, 000 20 dollars, 000 $15, 000

South america Malaysia Republic of chile Ireland Singapore Switzerland Iceland Netherlands Canada Australia Luxembourg Sweden Finland UK Germany Taiwan Asia France Bahrain Italy The country Greece New Zealand Italy Israel Arab saudi Hungary Croatia Poland Romania Slovenia Korea Czech Republic Slovakia Lithuania Russia Peru Estonia Latvia Hong Kong

$10,50, 000 $5, 000 $0 0% 2%


Costa Rica South Africa Turkey Thailand Colombia Egypt Indonesia Sri Lanka Israel Pakistan Nigeria Bangladesh


India Cambodia








Regarding Real GDP per Household (PPP-adjusted), CAGR, 2003-2007 Supply: EIU (2008), authors calculations

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Labor Force Utilization

Labor Force Participation Price, 2007 65%

Participation Costs, Selected Countries


Cina Iceland Norway Thailand Hong Kong Canada Quotes Portugal Laxa, sweden Russia The japanese New Zealand Germany Czech Rep. Latvia USA UK Finland Southern Korea Spain Slovakia Lithuania Taiwan Philippines Slovenia India France Bangladesh Poland Romania Chile Luxembourg Hungary Italy Mexico Spain Malaysia

Singapore (6. 16%)









Sri Lanka

Thailand Nicaragua Morocco Bulgaria



thirty percent -3%



-1% 0% 1% 2% 3% Change in Labor Force Participation Level, 2003-2007 Resource: Economist Brains Unit (2008)





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Comparative Labor Productivity

GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per employee (PPP tweaked US$), 3 years ago

Selected Countries

USA Ireland in europe Norway Sydney Canada Italy Austria Hong Kong

France Finland UK Laxa, sweden Denmark Singapore Taiwan Japan Iceland Philippines Israel Switzerland South Korea Spain Greece Slovenia Fresh Zealand Italy Argentina Poland Saudi Arabia Malaysia...


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