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Planetary Orbit Simulator – Student Guide

Backdrop Material

Answer the following inquiries after critiquing the " Kepler's Laws and regulations and Planetary Motion” and " Newton and Planetary Motion” background pages. Problem 1: Pull a line connecting every single law on the left with a explanation of it around the right.

just a force acting on an

object can change its motion

Kepler's very first Law

Kepler's 2nd Legislation

planets push faster

when ever close to the sunshine

Kepler's 3rd Law

Newton's 1st Legislation

planets orbit the sun

in elliptical paths

planets with large orbits take a

number of years to total an orbit

Question a couple of: When created as P2 = a3 Kepler's 3 rd Law (with P in years and a in AU) applies to …

a) any kind of object orbiting our sun.

b) any object orbiting any legend.

c) any kind of object orbiting any other target.

Question a few: The ellipse to the proper has an mind of about … a) zero. 25

b) 0. five

c) zero. 75

d) 0. being unfaithful

Question four: For a entire world in an oblong orbit to " attract out similar areas in equal numbers of time” it must …

a) move slowest when near to the sun.

b) move quickest when nearby the sun.

c) move additionally speed always.

d) include a perfectly spherical orbit.

NAAP – Planetary Orbit Simulator 1/8

Question 5: If a planet is usually twice as definately not the sun by aphelion than at perihelion, then the durability of the gravitational force by aphelion will be ____________ since it is at perihelion. a) several times all the

b) twice as much

c) the same

d) one half all the

e) one particular quarter all the

Kepler's first Law

In case you have not previously done so, kick off the NAAP Planetary Orbit Simulator. •

Open the Kepler's first Law tabs if it is not already (it's open simply by default).

Enable all 5 examine boxes.

The white colored dot is definitely the " controlled planet”. Anybody can click on that and drag it about.

Change the size of the orbit with the semimajor axis slider. Note how the backdrop grid indicates change in range while the exhibited orbit size remains the same.

Replace the eccentricity and note how it impacts the shape from the orbit.

Tip: You can modify

the value of a slider

simply by clicking on the

slider club or by

entering many in

the worth box.

Know that the varies of a number of parameters happen to be limited by practical issues that occur when creating a simulator rather than any accurate physical constraints. We have limited the semi-major axis to 50 AU since that covers almost all of the objects by which we are enthusiastic about our solar system and have limited eccentricity to 0. 7 since the ellipses would be hard to fit on the display for greater values. Be aware that the semi-major axis is usually aligned horizontally for all oblong orbits created in this sim, where they may be randomly in-line in our solar-system.

Arouse, rouse, stimulate the controlled planet. You may have to increase the movement rate pertaining to very large orbits or reduce it for small types.

The planetary presets set the simulated globe's parameters to the people like each of our solar system's planets. Explore these options.

Question 6th: For what eccentricity is the extra focus (which is usually empty) located in the sun? What is the shape of the orbit?

Question 7: Make an orbit with a = 20 AU and electronic = zero. Drag the planet first towards the far kept of the ellipse and then for the far right. What are the values of r1 and r2 for these locations?

NAAP – Planetary Orbit Simulator 2/8

r1 (AU)

r2 (AU)

Far Left

Far Right

Question almost eight: Create a great orbit with a = twenty AU and e = 0. a few. Drag the planet first to the far left of the raccourci and then towards the far correct. What are the values of r1 and r2 by these locations?

r1 (AU)

r2 (AU)

Far Still left

Far Right

Question being unfaithful: For the ellipse using a = twenty AU and e = 0. 5, can you locate a point in the orbit wherever r1 and r2 are equal? Drawing the raccourci, the location on this point, and r1 and r2 inside the space below.

Question 10: What is the value of the sum of r1 and r2 and how can it relate to the ellipse houses? Is this accurate for all...


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