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CHAPTER one particular



Technical Backdrop

The situation

* Declaration of the Trouble

* Job Content

5. Purpose and Description

5. Significance with the Study


Scope and Limitation

Report on the Related Literature/System

Study Methodology

5. Research Design

* Research Instruments

2. Research Participants

* Data Gathering

5. Research Environment

Quick History of the School

Operational Definition of Terms


As we can easily see in our universe today, lots of things are changing. Typically with regards to communicating, finalizing as well as in terms of organization, marketing, data and a lot more.

In this state of modernization, we are able to say that this made our everyday lives easier and fewer time consuming. Declare for example , mailing money on a rush and desires to be right there for an urgent situation use where you still desire a messenger to deliver it. Which will take days and even several weeks to receive this. But today, by just a number of quantities and a few clicks you will acquire it quickly.

However we're in the period of great technology, there are still various that left out. Neither comfortable nor completed of the manual way, they are really too most likely able to be up to date. Seeking for efficiency and productivity is their particular great inspiration to have that on the place.

Primary has been mainly on the machine and the applications it executes, perhaps outlining the demand for terms hardware and software. That is the courses and info are more independent of each different and the two are independent of the machine and closer to the people. Courses direct the movement and manipulation of information within a computer. The computer is most probably one of the wonderful technological sets off for future change. Computer system nowadays possess infiltrated every factor of our culture, and now they are doing much more than compute.

And thus, technology helped bring electronic college student billing program which indicates the ideas strongly related the present subject relating to the research and is in short , discussed to supply the foundation in the proposed program. In order to create a new approach and techniques, careful review of literature of studies should be done for the introduction of the system. In connection hereof, we are tasked to endow with the digital student's invoicing system which may result for the benefits of the organization, the management and staffs and the college students as well. College student Billing offers you that needed flexibility in how you expenses, receive, and track repayments, taking into account specific financial circumstances. Now you can very easily collect and track tuition revenue and costs owed simply by individual pupils and portion the college tuition bill by individual paying customer. The next time the student will pay the past payment will certainly automatically subtracted. The experts only aimed to meet their necessary needs in contract to the current billing system they use.

Technological Background

The Electronic Pupil Billing Method is a system system that will help the school cashier in the St . Isidore Academy. It can compute all the account transactions of all the pupils from very first year to 4th yr level.

The system definitely finds the account of every student recorded in the database. From the time the students will be officially enrollment, the present student's necessary data and its billing record happen to be saved inside the database. With time of monthly payment for the tuition charges, first the college cashier is going to click the log-in button in the system through his exclusive user identity and securities password. He can then access the system and the student will just fall in line, the place that the school cashier inputs the student's ID number, the billing record then will appear: the tuition fee, entrance cost and all info involved in the billing system. After finding the data of the college student, the school cashier will suggestions the quantity...

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