Essay about Science Investigatory Project

Pedro Guevara Memorial Nationwide High School

Santa Cruz, Olvido



S i9000. Y. 2005-2006


Boosting Students Efficiency in

Research Through the Use of

Research Investigatory Job

Prepared by:

JUvy L. Tobias

Republic in the Philippines



Label of Laguna

Pedro Guevara Funeral National Secondary school

Santa Cruceta, Laguna

Aug 1, 2006


Schools Division Superintendent

Label of Laguna

Santa Cruz, Laguna

Dear Madam:

The undersigned want to ask the permission to permit her to conduct an action research in " Enhancing Students Performance in Study Through the Use of Science Investigatory Job. ” The course of action if perhaps schedule will begin on This summer 11, june 2006 after the pretest and is likely to finish upon September 14, 2005.

Dreaming about your fast and good response on this matter.

Thanks a lot. God Bless!

Respectfully Yours,




ESI - Science



Asst. Universities Division Superintendent - OIC

Republic from the Philippines



Division of Laguna

Pedro Guevara Funeral National Senior high school

Santa Cruceta, Laguna


S. Y. 2005-2006

Place: Enhancing College students Performance in Research With the use of Science Investigatory Project

Problem: What is the effect of making use of the science investigatory project for the performance with the students in Research?

We. Problem Condition

The advent of new and up-to-date programs has brought into focus the need to match the modern science programs with the appropriate teaching technique.

Because applied to classroom teaching, approach has connected with the way a teacher communicates the subject for the students. The strategy ought to include regular steps to guide the mental processes with the learners in mastering this issue being provided to these people.

The Science Investigatory Project (SIP) can be an executing for scientific research students which need an application of particular scientific concepts and concepts. One of its seeks is to develop one's ability in order to actively and properly participate in the answer of concerns being faced by the community through the putting on rational and creative thinking method in search intended for the solution in the problem.

For several years of educating Research We in Pedro Guevara Memorial service National High School, the specialist observed the fact that students do not know the important contribution of the study to male's life. They tend to disregard it as being a subject, which is manifested by way of a negative attitude towards that and low performance in the Research subject matter. Students of the Special Technology Classes are supposed to acquire high performance knowing the fact that the Particular Science Curriculum adopts technology enriched technology curriculum. It truly is developed throughout the major conceptual schemes, expertise and principles that are relevant to the demands of the world. Hence, the assumption is definitely, the students will certainly gain enough knowledge and skills through their activities which are important in solving a particular problem.

It is with this premise the study was conducted, to use the Science Investigatory Project as a method to enhance students' performance in Research.

II. Preliminary Research

The performance in the students in Research for the last five (5) years revealed that the students in Pedro Guevara Memorial National Senior high school seemed to overlook their Exploration I subject as apparent by their marks.

On the typical, the computed grades from the 138 third year learners from 3 (3) Unique Science...


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