Water Recycling where possible in Community Water Systems Essay

Record on Recycling where possible of backwash and RO reject normal water




Implementation Specifics

Schematic diagram



Conclusions & Recommendations



To recycle the backwash and RO deny water.


To recycle backwash and RO deny water for better utilization of water and help in its conservation. Implementation Particulars:

Location: Naagulapalem

Plant type: WHC 21 RO

Portion: Wannabe

Revenue per day: 6000 Litres

Potential of RO: 1000 Lph

Schematic Diagram:




Micron filters



RO Unit


Filtration sump


Storage tank

Copy tank


It is a batch process split up into three stages,

Initial level: The sump is filled with half the backwash normal water of DMF, ACF and half of RO reject drinking water through purification sump, which water is definitely pumped to raw normal water tank. Second stage: The sump is filled RO reject water, which water is usually pumped to raw water tank. Final stage: The rest of the portion of the raw drinking water tank is stuffed with raw water. From the above 3 stages the raw water tank is filled with 5000 litres of drinking water. This water can be used directly for the procedure without any alum dosage. Final result:

Ahead of Recycling:

S i9000. No| Natural water usage (lts)| Drinking water used for process| Backwash water| Product water| Ro reject water| Total wastage (lts)| 1| 5000| 3000| 2000| 900| 1600| 3600

2| 5000| 5000| 0| 1800| 3200| 3200

3| 5000| 5000| 0| 1800| 3200| 3200

4| 5000| 3000| 2000| 900| 1600| 3600

5| 5000| 5000| 0| 1800| 3200| 3200

Total| 25000| 21000| 4000| 7200| 12800| 16800

After Recycling:

T. No| Organic water consumption (lts)| Normal water used for method (lts)| Backwash water (lts)| Product water| Ro reject water (lts)| Total (lts)| В | В |...


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